Turning heads one yard at a time

Whether planting a new lawn, re-contouring your landscape or sprucing up your yard, the soil you use can make all the difference in the life cycle of your lawn and garden. So why take chances? Our custom-blended soils are made with just the right amount of nutrients that will bring your yard to life.
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Mulch is a vital part of the landscaping process and garden habitat. By using only natural materials, our organic mulches will naturally mix into the soil through decomposition and the surrounding environment. When applied correctly, mulch can dramatically improve soil productivity. Initially, it serves to warm the soil by helping retain heat lost after the sun goes down. As a result, faster growth occurs with plants, crops or any material planted.
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These naturally occurring products are locally mined and then screened for size. We offer a wide variety and sizes of gravel, limestone and other aggregate products that are commonly used for decoration, drainage, paving and construction projects.
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What We Do

At the Sagamore Companies, we are focused on helping our customers transform their outdoor environments. We are Green enthusiasts who educate and inspire others about the possibilities of their outdoor surroundings. We provide residential and commercial customers with the services and highest- quality products needed to bring their project to life. To better serve you, we maintain locations throughout Northeast Ohio. Stop into any of our locations and see how we can help you transform your outdoor environment.