Introducing Sagamore Concrete! Sagamore’s mobile concrete mixers are the newest members to the Sagamore family of business’s. This batch plant is a productive, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for any size concrete project. The Mobile Mixer allows us to separately store, proportion, mix, and dispense concrete on site with a single mixer. With fresh concrete always available we eliminate hot loads and ensure you get the exact amount needed every time.

With its smart technology, it can quickly and efficiently changes mix designs ensuring you get the freshest and strongest product for each individual project. It can go from one job to the next without having to stop at the batch plant to dump excess material or to change mix designs eliminating unnecessary costs and employee downtime. We can add colorant, fiber and air.

Products available are from CLSM (flowable fill) to almost any PSI concrete mix. This mobile mixer will become your favorite way to spread concrete. Concrete is basically 12 seconds old when coming off the chute. Save time and money and see how our volumetric mixer is the solution you’ve been looking for.

-Always fresh concrete.
-No Hot Loads.
-Add color, fiber air and water.
-Control your slump.
-Only Pay for what is poured.