Common Questions

Is there any difference between your mulch and your competitors?

We offer many different kinds of mulch. Some are similar to our competitors, but most of our organic, color-enriched mulches are a step above our what our competitors offer. We believe strongly in the benefits organic material provides by acting as a nutrient base giving your plants greater likelihood of success.

Can you deliver it today?

We have a large fleet of trucks and most days can deliver with just 4 hours notice.

Why Sagamore and not another landscaping company?

With Sagamore, you’ll not only always get the highest quality materials available, you’ll get a landscaping partner who will work with you to help realize your visions for your outdoor living space. The best materials, expertise and experience, and absolutely first-class service. Every time.

What makes your service better?

We believe that our service is one of our products and it’s what truly differentiates us from our competitors. Our customer’s goal is our goal—and that’s what makes us not just your landscaping provider, but your material, design and service partner.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes. However, planning a landscape has a lot of moving parts, so determining exactly what you need can’t—and shouldn’t—always happen in just a few minutes. Call or stop in to one of our locations and we’ll get the process started at your convenience.

About how long does a typical job take?

All landscaping jobs are different, but we take pride in working with a purpose while preserving quality. Whatever arrangement you need, we’ll get it done expeditiously and with the care and quality our customers have come to depend on us for since 1996.

Call or stop in today to see how we can transform your surroundings.